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Ayush block, Yoga centre opened at Nimhans

Bengaluru (DH): Catering to an increased demand for Yoga as a therapy, the National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences (Nimhans) has opened an Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani,  Siddha and Homeopathy (Ayush) block and Yoga centre on its premises. They were inaugurated on Wednesday and will focus on making use of Yoga as an adjunct system … Continue reading

Lara to launch Yoga DVD for pregnant women

Lara Dutta has always been synonymous with fitness. Even after giving birth to her baby, Lara has maintained herself by following a strict fitness regimen and practicing Yoga. After the successful response to her earlier fitness and Yoga DVD called ‘H.E.A.L. with Lara’, the actress is now ready with her latest DVD titled ‘Prenatal Yoga … Continue reading

‘Yoga is therapeutic’

TNN: …says yoga guru Rajashree Choudhury, in a quick interview with Debarati S Sen as she explains hot yoga Not just a slim, svelte body, but also a mind that is healthy and stress-free -that is what regular yoga gives you. A daily session purifies and removes toxins from your body thereby improving the quality … Continue reading

‘Yoga can cure every disease’

IANS: Yoga therapy can cure every disease and disorder, even cancer, says a Delhi-based yoga therapist but warns against the mass teaching of yoga – including popular pranayams like kapalbhati and anulom vilom – saying they “can cause complications“. “Yoga cannot be universalised…like prescribing a paracetamol tablet,” says Subhash Sharma, a yoga therapist who spent … Continue reading

Sex scandal knocks yoga world off balance

The ever-balanced world of yoga is rocking after a sex scandal involving a big-time guru has many wondering if the phenomenally popular practice is about to take a tumble. For the uninitiated, John Friend, the founder of the fast-growing Anusara style of yoga, is currently in the downward doghouse following a series of accusations against him involving … Continue reading

Olympics: Yoga poses as sport: Is that a stretch

NEW YORK – The judges will be watching – were the competitor’s knees locked? Were the wrists straight? Did the forehead and the knee connect? If not, points are going to be lost. Seeking the perfect pose will be the order of the day at the National Yoga Asana Championship, being put on March 2-4 … Continue reading

24-year-old qualifies to judge international yoga exams

NASHIK (TOI): Durga Jadhav (24), a yoga and Judo teacher from Nashik has been awarded the International Jury Certificate in a competition conducted by the government of Karnataka recently. The certificate qualifies her to be on the panel of judges for international yoga exams. Durga also won an International Yoga certificate for the International Yogasana … Continue reading

Fitness: The dangerous side of yoga

MONTREAL (The Gazette) – Yoga has a reputation for curing what ails you, from sore backs to sore wrists and even the occasional achy knee. If you attend enough yoga classes, you’re bound to meet devotees who swear it has changed their life for the better. What you won’t find in those classes are people … Continue reading

Nazi death camp guards were advised yoga to ‘de-stress’

London: Nazi paramilitary organisation Schutzstaffel (SS) overlord, Heinrich Himmler, was fascinated with the ancient discipline of yoga, a historian has revealed in a new book. A German historian has discovered how the SS in Nazi Germany recommended its members, including death camp guards, to practice yoga to enrich their “mind, bodies and spirits”. The first … Continue reading

Youth getting more inclined towards yoga

VARANASI (TOI) : Whether it is examination stress, rising competition, relation issues, physical fitness or spiritual bliss, a huge participation of students in the yoga camp at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is projecting the increasing popularity of yoga among youngsters. “I have experienced a spiritual upliftment along with a rise in self esteem and confidence … Continue reading