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Two-day Ayurveda research seminar in Germany

This seminar, said to be the first International Research Seminar on Ayurveda (IRSA 2014) would focus on nurturing research and research projects on Ayurveda with deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of Ayurvedic interventions.

While young Ayurveda researchers have been invited to submit their research work, authors of quality submissions would be considered for sponsorship to attend both – IRSA 2014 and the 16th International Ayurveda Symposium at Birstein.

This symposium is slated soon after IRSA 2014, said Vaidya Ram Manohar , Head of Scientific Board, IRSA 2014.

The organisers of IRSA 2014 are proposing to come out with a white paper on ‘Directions for Future Research in Ayurveda’ and float an action plan for collaborative research on Ayurveda.

The theme of IRSA 2014 would be ‘Mental Health : Global Scenario and Ayurvedic Perspectives’ he said.

A scientific committee of scientists, medical professionals and Ayurvedic physicians guided by an advisory committee of researchers and academicians from around the world are coordinating to organise IRSA 2014, he said


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