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Ayurveda on National Radio of Spain

Dr Nayana RaoAyurveda-Science-of-healing-Lecture

There has been an upsurge in public interest in Ayurveda, which is especially true in European countries of Spain and Italy last week with Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi making a buzz with Ayurveda lectures, workshops, consultations, panchakarma retreats and a radio interview on the Spanish national radio.  Twenty years ago, relatively few people in Europe, apart from those whose origins lay in South Asian countries, knew about Ayurveda; A few years ago Ayurveda played a leading role within a trend of deeply relaxing wellness therapies. Today Ayurveda is increasingly acknowledged to be a comprehensive, traditional system of holistic medicine and has reached the threshold of entering into the realm of evidence-based science.

Dr. Nayana Rao, Director, Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi was invited to Madrid and Canary Islands of Spain to conduct workshops on basic principles of Ayurveda, diet and lifestyle management, pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic Culinary and Panchakarma for the health-conscious participants of these countries. The workshops and panchakarma retreats were organized by Hacienda Cristoforo, Adeje in Canary Islands of Spain in collaboration with Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi.

The series of workshops were attended by hundreds of participants.  Dr. Nayana Rao spoke on Ayurveda principles and simple methods of managing diet and lifestyle based on individual body-mind type.

Dr. Nayana Rao was also invited for an interview on the national Spanish Radio (Radio Sur Adeje) wherein she highlighted on the benefits of Ayurveda, the 5000-year old ancient Indian system of medicine and explained the various activities Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi is engaged in to promote Ayurveda in Europe.

Source: Dr. Sreedhar Rao, Founder CEO, Ayurveda Sanctuary, Udupi http://www.AyurvedaSanctuary.com


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