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Care-Keralam to validate all major classical Ayurveda medicine soon: Dr Joy Varghese

Chennai (PB): The ayurvedic medicines from India can be marketed internationally in the near future as all the bottlenecks for exports will be identified and removed soon, according to the executive director of the Confederation for Ayurvedic Renaissance-Keralam (Care-Keralam) Ltd.

“Till now there is no data on validation of the herbal drugs. It prevented India from entering into foreign markets. Now, Care-Keralam, the Ayush cluster, is gearing up to undertake the task of validating all the major classical medicines in ayurveda with a view to escalate them into a higher level,” said Dr Joy Varghese, the ED, in an interview with Pharmabiz.

He pointed out that the main motto of the scientific studies undertaken by the organisation is to popularize the ayurvedic medicines globally. Though India’s main competitor in the field of herbal drugs is China, the same country is our working model. China’s competition is only in very few segments, but they send their products to foreign countries.

“Unlike China, Indian ayurvedic industry’s concentration is on serious diseases. We have strong medicines in ayurveda. Six hundred classical formulations are available in Kerala’s medicine market alone, and out of this 128 formulations cover 80 per cent of the total sale. Care-Keralam’s aim is to validate these 128 products and market them internationally. Separate dossiers will be prepared for the purpose,” Dr Joy Varghese said.

The validation process includes geographical indications like place of raw materials collected and the season of collection. Limit of chemical parameters should be ascertained and dossier has to be prepared after the validation study.

He said Kerala has a dominant role in the herbal medicine sector because it has an inherent quality control system. Ninety five per cent of Kerala’s manufacturers are doctors. They treat patients with their own medicines. The medicines are manufactured as per the classical books, so there is no need of concern about the safety and efficacy of these medicines, he said.


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