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AMAI demands setting up of ayurvedic research university in Kerala

Chennai (PB): With Kerala still remains a favoured destination for specialized treatment in Ayurveda despite continuous neglect from several quarters for its growth, the demand for establishing an ayurvedic research university in Kerala is getting stronger.

Reiterating its stand on the issue, the Ayurvedic Medical Association of India (AMAI), in a pre-budget memorandum to the government of Kerala, has urged the state finance minister to include their demand in the forthcoming budget. The association has also submitted a project proposal of Rs.25 crore to the government in this regard.

According to AMAI sources, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science, has survived centuries despite negligence from ruling class because it is strictly based on science. They claimed that Kerala is the only state in the world where Ayurveda is practised without losing its original values. The main bottleneck for the growth of Ayurveda is non-availability of clinical data and research evidences to prove its efficacy.

The memorandum says that if a university is set up with a mission to do researches, it will solve all problems and lead to thousands of employment opportunities including e-employment in other states and outside the country. It further points out that clinical researches on ayurvedic drugs can be carried out by connecting clinical centres of Kerala accessing internet facilities. This will help generate all kinds of data which can be analysed and a database also be made.

The proposal submitted by AMAI demands for an autonomous hospital-cum-university with doctors and researchers.

Another demand made by the ayurvedic medical association is the opening of a Centre for sports medicine in Ayurveda. According to the association, researches have proved the efficiency of ayurveda for increasing the endurance strength of athletes. The efficiency of Ayurveda to treat sports injuries is under research and results are quite promising, said Dr Rejith Anand, general secretary of AMAI.

He said active athletes can improve their strength and endurance through wellness process of Ayurveda. The system can manage sports injuries of muscle and tendon in a better way than the modern system does. The association submitted a second project proposal of Rs.13 crore to the government for this purpose. The proposal suggests a 30 bedded hospital with facilities of yoga centre, multi gym, physiotherapy centre and services of doctors, trainers and other staffs.


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