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Govt should ban bogus Ayurvedic treatment centres

Sri Lanka: General Manager of Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort, Wadduwa said that Sri Lanka is has achieved 1,000,000 visitors by end of 2012 while embarking Sri Lanka`s target of 950,000 for the same year. With the emergence of new hotel investments and the development of infrastructure in Sri Lanka, the country has kept its potential for Sri Lankan Ayurveda considering that it is it a high-foreign exchange earning product and it is also different from what is practised in India. .

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort is becoming popular not only as a speciality Ayurvedha resort but also among leisure seekers. But the majority of its visitors are those who are looking for authentic Ayurveda treatments and relaxation, he said. The recent occupancy records show that it has a growth of 20 percent compared to the previous year among the emerging markets such as Russia, Middle East, Japan and China apart from the traditional markets Europe and the UK. It has also recently won two international awards from EU-SWITH Asia Greening programme as the `Best Green Hotel` and `the Energy Conservation Champion` in the SME category, Colombage explained.

Some visitors arrive at the resort seeking the Shirodhara treatment looking for relaxation after a long working period. Many Japanese visitors have committed to stay at Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort during the off season starting from May and it has enabled the hotel to increase the number of Japanese visitors to the resort by 30% compared to 2011, he added.

Most visitors choose holidays shorter duration due to the ongoing economic crisis in the world and also lack of employment opportunities. However, Sri Lanka has won the hearts of visitors from non-traditional countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, China and Japan and a number of journalists from those countries have visited Siddhalepa Ayurveda since they have identified the product as authentic, he said.

Amidst the popularity that Sri Lanka has achieved as a destination for Ayurvedic treatment , many non-Ayurveda products and bog service providers have mushroomed in the country violating the basic concepts of Ayurveda. It could tarnish the country`s image globally and harm the reputation Sri Lanka has earned as a leading Ayurveda treatment provider. Hence the authorities should take stern action against these racketeers without delay , he stressed

“Most of the recent visitors to Sri Lanka have identified Sri Lankan Ayurveda as one of the best countries for Ayurveda treatment. Sri Lanka has over 200 endemic herbs and we don’t resort to producing Ayurvedic medicine of animal parts,” he pointed out.

This makes a world of difference what is practiced in India apart from the techniques that are used for therapy. (though originally it was derived from India long time ago), he said.



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