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Ayush block, Yoga centre opened at Nimhans

Bengaluru (DH): Catering to an increased demand for Yoga as a therapy, the National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences (Nimhans) has opened an Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani,  Siddha and Homeopathy (Ayush) block and Yoga centre on its premises.

They were inaugurated on Wednesday and will focus on making use of Yoga as an adjunct system of medicine in the treatment of various diseases. Apart from rooms that will serve as clinics, the block will have a garden along with places of worship for all faiths and rehabilitation of patients.

Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Gandhiselvan, who was present on the occasion, said the initiative was a significant move by Nimhans as physical disorders are often accompanied by mental stress in patients.

“We tend to neglect the problems of the mind. Lifestyle disorders are leading to depression and stress. Hence, Yoga should be an essential part of all medical treatments,” he said.
“Each year, the budgetary allocation for Ayush is Rs 1,500 crore. This time, there is a proposal to increase it to Rs 2,500 crore,” Gandhiselvan said.

Out of this, Rs 500 crore is planned to be kept aside just for further research in Ayush. The Ayush department last year promoted Yoga in 800 schools across the country, the minister said. The Central Board of Secondary Education has been asked by the department to make Yoga a mandatory part of the syllabus.

Speaking about the newly inaugurated centre, Nimhans Director and Vice-Chancellor P Satish Chandra said the facility would be especially useful in a city like Bangalore, where suicides are increasing by the day.

“The centre will not just be useful for clinically diagnosed mental disorder cases, but also for others who may feel the need to make use of Yoga therapy,” Chandra said. He requested the government to allocate Rs one crore annually for the next five years to develop infrastructure at the Ayush block and Yoga centre.


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