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Ayurveda Panchakarma, the latest health trend

New Delhi (TOI): First, it was yoga. Then, it was gyms. ‘Spinning’ as a form of exercise then took over as the new rage. Soon, power yoga, artistic yoga and martial arts infiltrated the fad circles.

And now, it’s the time of the Ayurveda Panchakarma to bask in the limelight. Well-known faces of the city’s social circuit seem to be quite taken up by the five detoxification processes (Panchakarma). We’ve heard of quite a few of them giving it a shot — Neerav and Kinnary Panchamia, Ekta Shah Manjrekar, Channda Patil to name a few.
That people are weight and fitness conscious is a known fact. And when a fitness regime seems to work, word spreads. Panchakarma is the detoxification of the body and mind, we’re told. Fashion designer Kinnary Panchamia says, “I had heard a lot about it from friends. When your body is feeling clogged and heavy, this helps it detoxify.” Kinnary and her husband Neerav did one of the Panchakarma processes a couple of weeks back. “You can’t imagine the toxins that your body can have!” quips Kinnary. While the processes are different, the result is the same — purification, she points out. “The doctors rightly advise you about what process suits you better and what you are ready for. It’s a seven-nine day process and it purifies your blood and body,” she says.
Kinnary says the primary result is that one’s body feels light and functions better. “You feel energised and all the laziness disappears. I feel very positive. Before the process, you’re even put on a light diet.” Even restaurateur Kunal Shetty agrees. “It’s very cleansing. Your energy levels increase and you don’t feel like eating junk,” he says.
Shubhika Narayan, a marketing manager with a firm, also tried Panchakarma in April this year after her friends did it. “I saw a world of difference in them which is when I realised that it’s time to get my act together and focus on my health,” she says. It’s also more mental than physical, she feels. “You tend to concentrate on what you eat and realise what you’re putting your body through. It makes you want to eat right and focus on your self. Today, we all lead lifestyles wherein we don’t sleep enough and don’t have that push to work out. This gives you that push to be healthy,” she adds.
Both Shubhika and Kinnary tried the process in groups. It gets easier when you know your friends are doing it too, they say. “In fact, six of us did it together,” Kinnary says.
Another common friend of theirs, Channda Patil, entrepreneur and social worker, says Panchakarma is on the cards for her. “Everybody’s doing it! We eat so much junk food and meat that it seems like a good idea to go on a 12-day detoxification process,” she says. And, an added advantage is that one also tends to lose weight as all the dirt and toxins are pushed out. “You lose the unnecessary junk stored in the body so it’s a win-win situation,” she adds. Well, seems like it has quite a grip on the city.


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