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Siddha practitioners increasingly losing trust in system: Dr Thirunarayanan

Chennai (PB): Confidence building measures have to be initiated among practitioners of Siddha system as they are increasingly losing trust in the system due to various reasons, said Dr T Thirunarayanan, secretary of Centre for Traditional Medicine & Research (CTMR), Chennai.

While speaking in a function organised by the Tamil Nadu Siddha Practitioners on World Siddha Day, he said the main reason for this negative thinking is the impression that heritage or traditional knowledge is irrelevant in the current scenario. But the science of the system is rooted in genomics which is based on the concept of ‘Vata’, ‘Pita’ and ‘Kapha’. Even though, there is unique diagnostic methods like ‘Noi Nidhanam’, the modern Siddha practitioners are going after modern medical gadgets just for glamour. These modern medical equipments and the way of healing do increase the cost of diagnostics and treatment, he said.

Quoting an incident he witnessed in an International Arogya Fair, the CTMR secretary told the practitioners and students of Siddha that even the allopathic doctors recognize the expertise of Siddha physicians in pulse diagnosis. He said it is helpful for deciding the primary line of treatment based on the ‘doshams’ or basic reasons. “Our diagnostic tools are purely dependant on the skill and expertise of the physician, which is possible to develop by constant practice. Application of this is possible even in remote locations. Traditional Chinese Medicine not only thrives in that nation, but also globally because they totally trust in their basic concepts,” Dr Thirunarayanan said.

Highlighting the need of uniformity in treatment, he said it is time to incorporate the local health traditions in training and the local biological resources. In different regions in the country different herbal plants are recommended for same disease, this shows that there is no uniformity in treatment. This has to be changed and common single drug selection has to be introduced. Likewise, the tradition advocates for simple plant based remedies rather than inorganic. Today everybody is over depending on inorganic medicines, he maintained.

Referring to the traditional ways, he alleged that the present day Siddha practitioners are drifting away from natural production of medicines and going after modern industrial products. This is against what the age old Siddha system has taught or advised. That is why the traditional knowledge of drug manufacturing was included in the medical curriculum which contained training in pharmaceutics both at graduate and post graduate levels. He said during CTMR’s field studies on local health traditions, they came across healers who developed indigenously simple but effective processing equipment and technology.

“Today everybody wants to gather information with the help of internet and very few time is devoted for learning classical texts and holding discussions. Even some manufacturing industries are contorting the methods prescribed in the classical texts. Critical analysis and commentaries needs to be made based on in-depth studies in each area which would make our understanding of concepts much better. It is absolutely essential to study the composition of the classical medicines in-depth and appreciate the beauty of their composition and design. In our over enthusiasm to invent new proprietary medicines we fail to understand the reasons why ingredients are incorporated,” he commented.


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