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Gujarat Technological University incubates Ayurveda for world

Ahmedabad (DNA): In its endeavour to promote Ayurveda treatment in the state, Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has set up Kotler’s Incubator for Ayurvedic Medicines in Ahmedabad.

This research facility is part of the Kotler Centre that has its units in several universities of the world. GTU is the first university in India to house this incubator.

Named after marketing Guru Philip Kotler, the incubator aims to promote research in Ayurveda as a viable form of medication. It also will chalk out a marketing plan to popularise this science in the world and will also boost research habits of GTU students, said vice-chancellor of the varsity, Dr Akshai Aggarwal.

“Kotler believed that marketing can not only solve business challenges, but also can be strategically designed for society at large. The Kotler Centre for Marketing Excellence (KCME) works in four areas of specialisation of which GTU has chosen to work in health segment, focussing on Ayurveda,” said Aggarwal.

A student, after pursuing research with the incubator for one year, will be given an opportunity to present their work in a conference at Malaysia the following year.

According to Aggarwal, three colleges will handle one research project. The research will popularise marketing plan for widespread use of Ayurveda in India and other countries.

“It is believed that there are no organised details available in usage of Ayurvedic medicines,” said Aggarwal.

He further said that Kotler’s Incubator aims to boost research at GTU as students will list out categories of diseases – from routine to special and occasional to seasonal.


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