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Kerala varsity likely to train ayurveda pupils from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

NASHIK (TOI): The postgraduate students from the Ayurveda faculty of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) are likely to be trained by the Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS).

The issue was brought up by the Vice-chancellor of MUHS Arun Jamkar with the Vice chancellor of KUHS Dr. K Mohandas during 11th convocation ceremony of the MUHS at the university campus on Thursday, when Jamkar pointed out the expertise developed in Ayurveda in Kerala. Dr. Mohandas on the occasion assured Dr. Arun Jamkar to provide training to PG students from MUHS’ Ayurveda faculty, in Ayurvedic colleges affiliated to the KUHS.

“KUHS has gained tremendous progress in the field of Ayurveda with a lot of research. With an to make the Post Graduate students from Ayurveda faculty exposed to the real Ayurveda that the Kerala has achieved, MUHS has sent a proposal to the KUHS to provide training to its students in KUHS affiliated colleges. Dr. Kohli, a director of Ayurveda, MUHS, has sent this proposal to the Ayurveda Department of KUHS. Moreover, MUHS Vice-chancellor Arun Jamkar recently has positive talks with with the president of the Central Council of Indian Medicines Dr. Raghunandan Sharma in this connection. ,” an official from the MUHS said on Saturday.

“The KUHS Vice-chancellor and member of Board of Governors, Medical Council of India, New Delhi, Dr. K Mohandas was recently here as the chief guest of the convocation ceremony of MUHS. Dr.Jamkar on the occasion had raised this issue with him and urged him to give his approval to the proposal of providing training to MUHS’ Ayurveda PG students at the Ayurveda colleges affiliated to KUHS. Dr. Mohandas has assured to give his approval in this connection,” he said.

The idea of organising training for students from Ayurveda faculty was created after Vice-chancellor Dr. Arun Jamkar had visited some of the Ayurvedic Hospitals in Kerala and he was impressed after seeing the standards of Ayurveda there.


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