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Homoeopathy gets a boost

Mumbai (DNA): A slew of measures announced by the state minister for medical education, Dr Vijaykumar Gavit, on Wednesday are set to change the face of homoeopathy in the state.

Speaking at a Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy (MCH) function held to fete homoeopaths in the state, Dr Gavit said, “The government will be sending a Rs200-crore proposal for a college of homoeopathy on a 50-acre stretch soon.” The college will double up as a research centre.

Gavit’s announcement came in response to fervent pleas by the gathered homoeopaths who averred that “the state of the system of medicine was so bad that they would be forced to commit suicide”. Gavit vowed he will introduce the proposal for a state-funded college in the next assembly session in June.

Welcoming the move, MCH director Bahubali Shah said, “With the setting up of government colleges, we will be able to standardise homoeopathy education and practices. Also, we will be more involved in the public healthcare system of the state.” Though there are 46 undergraduate and 12 post-graduate homeopathy colleges in the state, not a single one is government-funded. In contrast, numerous ayurveda colleges get full government aid.

Other demands conceded to by Gavit included allowing homoeopaths to administer modern allopathic drugs in medical emergencies, especially in remote villages, after training through a certificate course.

Further, Shah demanded the formation of a separate directorate for homeopathic medicine. “As we are part of the directorate of ayurveda, in which we have only one representative, hardly any decisions are taken to further the field of homoeopathy,” said Shah and added, “While the ayurveda directorate last year got a state funding of Rs200 crore, we were given only Rs87 lakh.”

While seeking a time frame of six months for other demands, Gavit agreed to giving independent charge to the deputy director of homoeopathy.


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