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AMMOI demands Ayush Dept to set up Council to regulate & recognise paramedical courses in Ayurveda

Mumbai (PB): The Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers Organisation of India (AMMOI) has urged the Department of Ayush to take immediate steps to set up a separate Council under Ayush to deal with the regulation and recognition of the paramedical courses like B.Sc nursing in Ayurveda. This demand comes in the wake of absence of a regulatory body to govern the functioning of the paramedical courses in the country that is leading to a supply crunch in the service industry due to shortage of registered and government recognised professionals.

At present, there is no government regulated body or Council to either regulate or give recognition to paramedical courses in the country that  provides certified quality professionals in this field.

However, Dr Ramanathan Devaraj Iyer, who was a member of the task force set up by the government to make suggestions on paramedical council, informed that they have already recommended to the Ministry to set up a ‘Paramedical Council’ to regulate paramedical courses in the 12th five year plan. Ministry is believed to be working on the details based on their suggestions.

Dr Iyer who is also the general secretary of AMMOI, stressed, “Ayush service industry is developing all over the world, so it is imperative that we have recognised and certified professionals to fulfil these job requirements. There is high demand for qualified graduates with B Sc. nursing degree in Ayurveda who are trained and certified for auxiliary nurse midwives (ANM) and general nursing and midwifery (GNM) for the ever growing Ayush based service industry. However, in spite of the rise in demand in the service industry, there are only handful of private colleges recognised by the respective state government that run these courses.”

Unfortunately, today there are no recognised courses for paramedical courses dedicated for Ayurveda in the country which is duly recognised by the government. Iyer pointed out that if not addressed properly this trend is eventually going to affect the delivery of proper quality care to the patients undergoing treatment under ayurvedic system of medicine across the country.

According to Dr Bhaskaran, principal, Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical College, Kannur, today there are lot of patients who are depended on ayurvedic mode of treatment, however compared to the need there are not enough paramedics in this field catering to the service industry which is fast becoming an emerging problem in the sector.

Parassinikadavu Ayurveda Medical College is the first college in the country that had started a paramedical course in Ayurveda with the introduction of B.Sc nursing in Ayurveda, recognised by the Kannur University and the state Government. However, Dr Bhaskaran pointed out that though most of their students get placed at the top private hospitals and colleges in the country very few make it in the government sector as this course is not recognised under the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).

“We have been sending representation to the government requesting them to set up a council that will ensure that these courses are recognised and regulated by a governing body. Having a council will not only give us more credibility but will also address the issue of lack of qualified professional in the service industry as our students will also be able to work with the government institutes and organisations,” Dr Bhaskaran added.

Dr Iyer stressed that the government needs to take steps at the earliest to set up a pharmacy council for Ayush so that it can play an important role in developing skills to provide nursing care to patients admitted to hospitals and also to develop in-depth understanding of the nursing skills needed in Ayurveda.


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