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Planning Commission’s Steering Committee calls for strategic shift in the approach of the dept of Ayush

New Delhi (PB): The Steering Committee set up by the Planning Commission on the Ayush sector has called for a strategic shift in the approach of the Department of Ayush for the 12th Plan period to create an effective healthcare delivery system while sticking to the core competencies.

The committee observed that the focus of the Ayush Department should be to utilize its available resources to create a health care delivery system which meets outcomes that are pre-defined, measurable and monitorable.

“To this end, the Department should align its programmes and policies with the National Health outcome Goals of reducing IMR, MMR, TFR, malnutrition, anaemia, population control and child sex eatio, etc. The Department of Ayush  must also contribute to ongoing schemes of other departments such as Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY-Ayush), ICDS-Ayush , Reproductive Child Health (RCH), early breastfeeding, growth monitoring of children, ante and post natal care, etc. Interventions of Ayush may either be in the form of preventive, promotive or curative care. Additionally, the infrastructure available with Ayush, such as hospital beds (62,000), health workers (7.85 lakhs) etc. should be consolidated and efficiently utilized before it is expanded,” the report of the panel said.

“The Department of Ayush  should undertake evaluations of all its ongoing schemes and based on the findings introduce in-built systems of regular monitoring and strengthen the existing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) mechanisms. Further, the Department must spell out monitorable goals corresponding to each scheme and make the same available in the public domain. These monitorable indicators should also be reviewed periodically,” it said.

The strength of the Ayush system lies in promotive, preventive, and rehabilitative health care, diseases and health conditions relating to women and children, mental health, stress management, problems relating to older person, non-communicable diseases etc. While Ayush should contribute to the overall health sector by meeting National health outcome Goals, the Department should retain primary focus on its above mentioned core competencies, said the panel headed by Dr Syeda Hameed, Member Planning Commission.

The panel has identified four major thrust areas for Ayush in the 12th Five Year Plan – (a) Educational reforms (b) Health services (c) Development and Implementation of quality standards and (d) Research with emphasis on effective game changing strategies and innovative programmes of significant size and scale.


One thought on “Planning Commission’s Steering Committee calls for strategic shift in the approach of the dept of Ayush

  1. Thumbs up.
    Need to generate employment opportunities for AYUSH doctors

    Posted by virupaksha gupta | April 15, 2012, 7:37 am

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