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Research needed in ayurveda: Experts

VARANASI (TOI): Highlighting the need to maintain in-house quality control on ayurveda preparations for its global acceptance, Prof ML Sharma, vice chancellor, Gujarat Ayurveda University (GAU), Jamnagar emphasised the need to extend teaching and research in ayurveda.

The expert was inaugurating a day-long national seminar on ‘recent advances and future challenges in ayurveda’ organised on the Rajiv Gandhi South Campus (RGSC), Barkachha (Mirzpaur), under Banaras Hindu University on Monday. Emphasising on the need to extend teaching and research in ayurveda, GAU VC said there was also a need to give attention to pharmacology section to come up with good pharmacist in the discipline. Saying that there was no control on ayurvedic preparation, he also cautioned against adverse drug reactions and to maintain safety and efficacy in ayurvedic drugs.

Presiding over the inaugural session, director, IMS, BHU, Prof TM Mohapatra said ayurveda was at a crossroads and there was a need for stringent procedures to maintain safety and efficacy along with its global acceptance.

Chairman, core group, RGSC, Prof. SK Singh stressed on regulatory reform to maintain quality, efficacy, safety and standardization of ayurvedic drugs on the occasion.


One thought on “Research needed in ayurveda: Experts

  1. Although the observations and sugestions from the premier institute is very true and on right time looking after the worldwide acceptance of Ayurveda.Experts are expected to suggest a midway to fulfill the aspirations of science and making industry capable to do such researches.
    Mere changing of the provisions of Drugs and cosmatics Act and Rules their under may not be able to create capability as most of the manufacturing units are not so big and competent in the field to follow provisions of schedule of the Act designed for the purpose it may not be forgotten that the buisness houses are investing for easy profit and scintific researches will cost dear to them hence they will try to fight tooth and nail if such provisions are forced which may lead to non compliance and cortruption in implementation of the provisions.
    Hence it is very serious problem and need to be debated in length specially in the scenario of poor availability of the quality raw meterial,provisions relating to the permission of using excipients preservatives and extracts of plants extracted with any chemical without any evidence of its safety and efficacy.
    Premier institutions like BHU must consider and furnish recomendations in national interest in general and in the interest of the system in perticular

    Posted by janardan | April 3, 2012, 5:50 am

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