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Homoeopathy students move state rights panel

BHUBANESWAR (TOI): Students of the government-run Abhin Chandra Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital here on Friday filed a petition with the state human rights commission alleging use of expired medicines in the hospital. The authorities were doing nothing about it, they alleged.

In their petition signed by 19 students, the students said the matter came to light on March 24 when one of the students, B G R Nayak, met with a road accident. “Just when a medicine was being administered to him, I noticed that its expiry date was long gone. Moreover, it was an allopathic formulation though ours is a homoeopathic hospital,” said Nayak. Nayak also pointed out “callousness” of the doctors in diagnosing him as the hospital mentioned in medical reports that he had an injury on his thumb, whereas he had actually injured his left toe.

The students contended that if there were such glaring mistakes in the treatment of one of the students, the case must have been worse with general public.

In the petition, the homoeopaths mentioned that the college principal had sought three days’ time from March 26 to inquire into the matter. The deadline expired on Thursday.

They further said though it was a model college, academic standards were very low owing to inadequate teaching staff. When they staged peaceful protests seeking appointment of faculty members, they were issued warning letters with false charges, the students alleged.

Nayak, who is also the students’ union general secretary, said the hospital lacks even basic things such as cotton wool and first aid material.

Principal P K Behera, when contacted, said a three-member committee is inquiring into the alleged use of expired allopathic medicine in the hospital. The committee would submit their findings to the Director, Indian System of Medicine, soon.


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