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Health university wants to take ayurveda home

NASHIK (TOI): The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) on Sunday organized a one-day workshop on the introduction to ayurvedic home remedies and diet at the Ayurvedic College, Ganeshwadi, in a bid to make ayurveda familiar among the masses, and specifically among women.

University vice-chancellor Dr Arun Jamkar said that following the principles of ayurveda was a must for modern women considering rising negligence towards health in the modern lifestyle of nuclear families. “Ayurveda is India’s traditional medicinal system. Thus, it is the responsibility of all to support it and nurture it further. Ayurvedic medicines are extremely effective and if women are aware of them, they can definitely have a positive effect on the health of families,” said Dr Jamkar.

He said allopathic medicines were costlier and if food substances, herbs and spices mentioned in ayurveda were included in our diet, it could help everybody.

Sharad Pathak, president, Ayurved Seva Sangh, explaining the importance of ayurveda in these days of changing lifestyle, said, “Health is being neglected due to changing eating habits. Hence, it is important we include food in our diet after checking its medicinal properties to strengthen our immune system and prevent ailments.”

He said parents tend to give in to demands of their children, but they should take also cognizance of the harm certain things could do to their health. This, Pathak said, calls for women to be more vigilant about their family’s health.

Dr Archana Bhaskarwar spoke on ayurvedic home remedies, while Dr Ashutosh Yardi explained what we should eat and what we must avoid.

Dr Shishir Pande demonstrated how we can prepare ayurvedic medicines at home.


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