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Ayurveda research at Haffkine gets Rs4cr boost

Mumbai (DNA): The department of science and technology has granted Rs4 crore to the Parel-based Haffkine Institute for Training Research and Testing to work on the scientific validation of ayurvedic medicines. Under the programme, scientists will study herbal products like Tulsi and Brahmi.

The Haffkine institute, which recently started research on herbal products to regulate the production of ayurvedic medicines, had sought financial aid from the department of science and technology and department of bio-technology a year ago.

Experts say scientific validation will help India enlarge its share in the global drug market. Currently, the global herb market is worth $70 billion and growing annually at 10-15% annually. The global pharma market is worth $142 billion.

Dr Abhay Chowdhary, director of Haffkine Institute, said, “While the preliminary research on herbal products led by veteran researcher and renowned physician Dr RD Lele has already begun, we are awaiting a reply from the department of science and technology. Herbal products will be tested on small animals like mice and rodents using radio isotopes.”

In an article published in the institute’s bulletin, Lele said molecular pharmacology provides a new interface between ayurveda and modern medicines. Using modern techniques, ayurvedic drugs can provide novel molecular probes.


One thought on “Ayurveda research at Haffkine gets Rs4cr boost

  1. This is a welcome news and cudos to the institute for designing such step for the development of ayurvedic medicines.They must consider to create similar evidences in the field of mineral and metallic medicines also used in the system and disprove the notion of scientific community that such drugs are toxic in nature.They need to establish the role of processings of these meterials before it is used as drug in Ayurveda

    Posted by janardan | April 3, 2012, 5:59 am

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