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Ayurveda should focus on its strength: Experts

New Delhi (NI Wire): On the first day of two day interactive workshop on Ayurveda experts discussed various problems and opportunities before the Ayurveda. The workshops organized by Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth discussed various issues including its theme ‘Mamsavaha Srotas and Neuro-muscular System, Diseases and their management through Ayurveda’.

Speaking on this occasion Chief Guest Shri V.S. Gaur joint secretary to Government of India, Ministry of health and family welfare, Department of Ayush said that he has a firm belief in the healing powers of Ayurveda and he has seen the cases where ayurveda has offered relief where modern medicine has failed.

However, Mr Gaur advised the Ayurvedic practitioners to believe in their own potentials and not to compare Ayurveda with modern medicine, as Ayurveda is a complete science in itself.

Prof. D.G. Thatte, guest of honor shared his valuable experience with large number experts, scholars and participants present there. He also answered lots of questions raised by the participants.

Speaking on this occasions Dr. S. K. Mishra showed concern over deteriorating condition of Ayurvedic education in India and closing of a large number of Ayurvedic Medical Colleges in India. Addressing Dr. Mishra’s concerns Mr Gaur said that the government has no intention to shut down Ayurvedic medical colleges, but his department only takes actions when colleges fails to fulfils criteria. He said that only colleges with insufficient infrastructure are prohibited from taking admission, as our aim is not to distribute degrees but produce able physicians. He emphasized that the department of Ayush has no dearth of funds for popularizing Ayurveda and if a good proposal comes the government will fund it. He said that the number of seminar on ayurveda should be increased.

Dr V.V. Prasad Director Rashtriya Ayurveda Vidyapeeth was also present on this occasion.

A question answer session followed where experts gave answer to a number of questions of delegates and participants. Dr. Mrs Sandhya Patel answered a large number of questions related to embryology and cleared the doubts of students and participants. Prof. Y. K Sharma and Vaidya B. P. Gupta also answered the questions. The workshop will conclude tomorrow.




One thought on “Ayurveda should focus on its strength: Experts

  1. India is uniquely positioned with the wisdom of Ayurveda as its heritage. Modern medicine has a definite role to play in the medical care of the people. No one system is a panacea for any disease. The 21st century medicine is going to be an integrative approach to health care. Isolating two systems and try to run them as parallel systems will be nothing but suicidal for Ayurveda. The Government should adopt a policy based on sound practicality. Promoting and establishing Ayurveda/Yoga at the lower level of the pyramid and utilizing modern medicine where it has a clear advantage, and using both Ayurveda and Modern medicine as an integrative approach when needed would provide the most advantageous, cost effective, affordable and sustainable healthcare system to Indian masses. Once the international community sees the effectiveness of this wisdom, India will become a global leader in the healthcare. If any other western country had Ayurveda as their heritage they would have established a prototype for the world by now.

    The policy of the government to treat Ayurveda as a second class citizen should first stop. Why can’t the government direct a high level committee consisting of Ayurveda/Allopathy and allied sciences and bring out standards for an integrative approach and a reimbursable pathway for the entire population and make it mandatory for the insurance companies to reimburse such treatments?

    This will promote Ayurveda and the most desired healthcare system for India and centuries of neglect towards Ayurveda will stop.

    Posted by DR TALAVANE KRISHNA, MBBS FFARCS | March 12, 2012, 6:01 am

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