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Nagpur Homoeopathy College students, teachers on strike

NAGPUR (TNN): Since the last 15 days, patients coming to Nagpur College of Homoeopathy (NCH) have been attended by undergraduate students. On Tuesday, the patients had to go back unattended as these students too joined their striking teachers who have not been paid salaries for the last eight months. Parents of students also gathered in the college to meet trustee GD Panpaliya, who has given them a written assurance of taking necessary action in next 15 days.

The college lost its affiliation to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) for current academic session owing to insufficient staff and infrastructure. The university has given Satchikitsa Prasarak Mandal Trust that runs the college a list of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to regain affiliation. Students and parents say the management is not bothered to renew affiliation while the president of the trust Panpaliya says he is in talks with the university and the problems are being created by some staffers for maligning the college.

“Only 13% students of college have passed this year which was one of the reasons why MUHS disaffiliated it. The teachers have not been paid as there have been no admissions this year causing a financial loss to the tune of 2 crore. We offered to pay them half their salaries and pay the arrears later which they refused,” clarified the trustee. Appointments are to be made by the principal, not by the management, he said. “I have also spoken to MUHS officials about next year’s affiliation process. Some teachers are doing all the mud-slinging for selfish reasons,” he added.

“Several admissions had to be cancelled due to the loss of affiliation by MUHS last year. Now the future of over 200 of us already admitted too seems bleak. Our teachers have been considerate enough to finish our course before launching their strike. We wish that the matter gets sorted out and our studies resume soon,” said a student of final year. A classmate of his added, “we only learn 20% in theory. Most of what we learn is by observing our teachers in OPD. We had around 80 patients coming in everyday. Now only a few come, making it difficult for us to learn anything.”

Another student said the teachers were never treated with respect in the college by the management. “Panpaliya would walk into the OPD or the classrooms and talk to the teachers in abusive language. He never speaks properly to us as well. In fact in the morning, he walked out of the meeting when our parents tried to talk to him,” he said. The students then blocked his car not allowing him to leave without reaching a conclusion that he went back inside.

“We have paid annual fees of 45,000 to the college. It is the college’s responsibility to conduct classes and provide teachers. The director, however, said he could do nothing,” informed Vijay Singh Baghel, a parent. Another parent Archana Ajne said that Panpaliya had given a signed assurance that if there were no qualified teachers at all posts and the other discrepancies are not dealt with, he would resign.

The striking medicos, too, have not been left alone. “During the last fortnight, despite our peaceful protest, the director has tried provoking us many times. He has even lodged a police complaint against us and suspended some teachers and Class IV officials for supporting the strike,” said a teacher Dr Abhilash Tripathi.


College has been disaffiliated for current academic session due several shortcomings including insufficient staff

Since 2000, staff members being sacked without any reason

No teachers appointed for some years

No application for affiliation for next academic session

Inadequacies pointed out by MUHS:

Insufficient teaching staff

Insufficient hospital staff

Less supply of medicines

Absence of equipment

College has been disaffiliated for current session:

Staff members being sacked without any reason

No teachers appointed for some years

Insufficient teaching and hospital staff

Deficient supply of medicines

Absence of required equipment


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