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Kerala mulls insurance cover for ayurveda protocol

Thiruvananthapuram (BL):  Kerala is hoping to become the first State to bring Ayurvedic treatment also under insurance cover. This is part of an action plan of the State Government to boost traditional knowledge in healthcare and become a global destination for Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda action plan is to be guided forward by the Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

It is part of the 10-point development strategy under the Vision 2030 initiative adopted by the State Government and mentored by Mr Sam Pitroda.

The working committee for the action plan endorsed six strategic ideas including a project to implement the world’s cheapest solution for microbe-free drinking water and the creation of a database containing clinical evidence from scientifically validated trials of traditional medicines.


“Kerala’s traditional Ayurvedic system is already well-known worldwide,” said Prof V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Executive Vice-President, KSCSTE, and Ex-officio Principal Secretary, Department of Science and Technology. “But we need to make people aware it is much more than just lifestyle therapy and bring it on a par with modern health standards and raise its scientific acceptability,” he added.

Insurance coverage and international quality assurance for Ayurvedic drugs and treatment, therefore, form a key part of the strategy.

Quality standards for traditional medicines manufactured in the State and promotion of inter-disciplinary research in pharmaceuticals are also among the proposals put forward.

Traditional methods such as water storage in copper vessels enriched with certain herbs will be explored as a means of getting rid of microbes and make the water potable.

“Providing clean drinking water, one of the basic necessities of life to all citizens, is a challenge for governments everywhere.

“In Kerala we already have age-old systems for purifying water and our aim is to leverage this knowledge base to develop low-cost solutions,” Prof Pillai said.


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