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Industry wants govt to include Ayurveda in health eduction syllabus

Mumbai (PB): The Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers Organisation of India (AMMOI) in association with other members from the ayurvedic fraternity, recently sent a resolution to the government demanding  them to include ayurvedic principles in the syllabus for health eduction. The association believes that this strategic move will help in sensitising the younger generation about the importance of the ayurvedic system of medicines and will create interest and awareness among them on the same.

The resolution points out that since Ayurveda and other Indian systems of traditional medicines are a vital part of the Indian healthcare system it should also be included in the syllabus for health education. It also demanded the government to include Ayurveda biology in the school curriculum so that the students are better aware of the contemporary relevance of Ayurveda.

According to Dr Ramanathan Devaraj Iyer, president of AMMOI, “At present, there is hardly any course or subject that is dedicated to impart knowledge on Ayurveda or other traditional system of medicines at the primary level of education, leading to a disturbing trend wherein the younger generation is hardly aware about this stream. Thus it is imperative for the government to damage control this situation by taking steps to ensure that from at least now on Ayurveda is not sidelined and is included as a part of health education.”

The association demanded that high priority in government interventions should be given to health eduction based on ayurvedic principles and preventive health practices in order to create public awareness about the capacity of Ayurveda for enhancing public health and in managing non communicable diseases.

Dr Iyer informed that along with conventional education they have also suggested the government to adopt a contemporary model for Ayurveda gurukula on pilot basis at select places where adequate initiatives and complacency are available. He further added, “All these initiatives are essential to ensure that students are well aware of Ayurveda and its principles. This will not only help in better understanding of this healthcare sector to students but will also ensure that growth of this industry as the younger generation will be inspired to know more on this rich traditional field.”

To further the cause it has also asked the government to extend its support to establish an inter disciplinary advanced research centre in the state of Kerala.

These representations were framed by the association and its other contemporaries during the second edition of Ayurveda Keralam 2012 which was held in collaboration with Kerala government in Thiruvananthapuram recently with an aim to strengthen the practise of Ayurveda in country.


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