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Memory pills a big no: Experts

Bengaluru (DC):  With board exams round the corner, memory enhancing pills and syrups are selling like hot cakes, but experts (neurologists, psychiatrists and even homoeopaths) say that to date not a single medicine has been proved to boost one’s memory in a month’s time nor is there any study conducted to prove the effectiveness of products that make these claims.

A variety of allopathic, homoeopathic and ayurvedic medications claim to be memory boosters. They all have no more than a placebo effect (the cure is in the mind alone). If any medication was in fact effective in sharpening one’s memory, it would have been used to cure mentally retarded patients, says Dr L.K. Prashanth, consultant neurologist at BGS Global Hospital. “When one is unaware of the composition, these pills might have an adverse effect in the long run, affecting vital organs like liver, kidney, gastroenteritis and also cause skin allergies at times,” he warns.

Dr Bhupendra Chaudhury, a child psychiatrist at Manipal Hospital says clearly that there is no scientific study conducted which proves that using certain pills enhances one’s memory. “There are some medicines that have worked in terms of improvement of cognitive skills and dementia,” but claims that they boost memory are a myth, he says “The memory and the brain of a child, like any other organ, is developed in the womb of a mother. Consuming these pills and syrups for about a month just before the exams does not help to enhance memory,” Dr Chaudhury added. A chemist on Residency Road said, “We generally have a stock of Shankhpushpi, and in the past two weeks sales have suddenly risen.”

City-based homeopath Dr B.T Rudresh agrees with his allopathic peers that “the very idea of memory pills is a big hoax. Students cannot just pop a pill or syrup and remember everything they have just read. Parents tend to put pressure on children saying that they have to score above 90 % in their board exams. They try out every means like providing such memory boosters. But as such there is no universal study conducted to prove its success. “However, there are certain cases of children suffering a memory loss, like they cannot remember numbers or names, and for such cases homoeopathy medication has a solution,” he added.


One thought on “Memory pills a big no: Experts

  1. Memory pills aren’t bad for health actually it improves the brain to keep in touch with our memories.

    Posted by Memory Pills | January 7, 2013, 1:12 pm

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