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Ayush Dept plans Rs.105 cr boost to improve ASU, Homoeopathy drugs by strengthening labs

New Delhi (PB): The Department of Ayush will strengthen the key laboratories in the Indian systems of medicines with a view to improve the overall quality of drugs in the sector.

The Department has proposed an increase in the quantum of allocation for this scheme which is meant to support Pharmacopoeial Laboratory of Indian Medicine (PLIM)-Ghaziabad, Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory (HPL) -Ghaziabad and Public Sector drug manufacturing undertaking–Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited (IMPCL), Mohan (Uttarakhand).

“The 11th Plan allocation for the scheme was to the tune of Rs.25 crore and it is intended to continue all the three components in 12th Plan with enhanced allocation of Rs.105 crore (4.2 times hike) to augment standards development, quality control and production of ASU&H drugs with standard quality,’’ sources said.

11th Plan achievements of significance until March 2011 included development of identity and quality standards of 256 ASU & 92 homoeopathic drugs, quality testing of 1342 ASU and 3709 homoeopathic samples and conduct of 31 workshops/training programs by the Pharmacopoeia Laboratories. Detailed capacity enhancement project of IMPCL worth Rs.33.86 crore was also carried out during the period.

Mid-term appraisal of the scheme in 11th Plan realised the need to accelerate the work of laying down pharmacopoieal standards and quality control, and recommended for IMPCL additional share capital to facilitate modernization and introduction of new technology to enhance quality production of drugs and turnover in business.

“Accordingly, allocation of Rs.105 crore is sought in the 12th Plan under the scheme with provision of Rs.50 crore for PLIM, Rs.5 crore for HPL and Rs.50 crore for IMPCL to facilitate achievement of higher targets set for standardization and quality testing of drugs and enhance the production capacity of IMPCL to meet with entrepreneurship approach the increased supply requirements of the states for Ayurveda and Unani medicines under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM),” sources added.


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