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Karnataka govt to introduce Ayush as mainstream treatment

Bengaluru (DNA) : Treatment based on Ayush (ayurveda, yoga, unani, siddha and homeopathy) may soon be available at taluk-level hospitals.  With yoga and naturopathy emerging as preventive cure for lifestyle diseases and ailments, the state government plans to introduce Ayush as mainstream treatment in all taluk hospitals in phases.

This was revealed by chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda while speaking about Arogya Expo 2012 which opened in Bangalore on Thursday.

“Our government has recognised the importance of yoga in daily life and has given priority for the empowerment of this sector. The department of Ayush, in collaboration with the Shantivana Trust of Dharmasthala, has already opened outpatient units in 10 taluk-level hospitals in the state on public-private partnership model,” he said.

“These units are useful in extending natural health services to the public. We intend to extend this concept to all the districts of Karnataka in a phased manner,” he said.
To enhance the presence of these curing methods in the state, the government has also started a Yoga and Naturopathy College in Mysore.

“This institute is offering several useful courses. Yoga and naturopathy are a safe and effective combination of drugless therapy. They need to be promoted in the interest of the society,” he said.
The five-day expo is hosting over 150 stalls on naturopathy and Ayush. Thousands are swarming the show from all over the world.From water therapy to leach therapy, the expo has something for everyone.

While some visitors were just curious, many knew what they were here for.

“I’d heard of Om Seva Kendra and their methods of curing ailments. I was curious to know how they cure people of ailments as I suffer from body aches. I also wanted to enroll myself in their camps,” said Shashwati Rao, a homemaker.

Ashwin Raju, a student, said: “I’d read about Reiki cure for stress and positive energy. Here I experienced a new therapy with the Tamara Association which is bigger than Reiki and I wanted to try it. The association has positive energy activation and transfer. Although there is no immediate result when the therapists treat us, I believe in it and I hope to have results.”

More crowds were seen at leach therapy which also offered a few demonstrations.“If you have skin irritations, we put a small leach on the affected area which will suck the impure blood and the irritation is gone,” said a representative from leach therapy.

Most of the crowd, however, seemed to be interested in orthopaedic-related issues. From back aches to wrists, many had problems related to bones and muscles. “In today’s world, lifestyle diseases include mostly back aches and back-related problems. Hence, acupressure and massages are most sought after therapies,” said Veena Kumari, a naturopathy doctor.
Skin- and dermatology-related stalls were also crowded, mostly by women and girls.

“Today, girls use different types of cosmetics. But chemical-based cosmetics are known to be harmful to skin. Our traditional shikakai, amla and mehendi are equally good if some flavours are added to them. They cause no harm or side-effects to the skin or scalp. We’ve been using them from time immemorial,” said Seetha R, an ayurveda student from Belgaum.


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