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Enhanced profile for Ayurveda in Kerala developmental scheme

Thiruvananthapuram, (BL)Ayurveda is set to acquire an enhanced profile in the developmental scheme for the Kerala State, home to this stream of traditional medicine.

It is one of the 10 special areas for growth recommended for the State by Mr Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Public Information, Infrastructure and Innovations.


The State Government has already initiated steps to facilitate a quantum leap in growth for Ayurveda, according to the Chief Minister, Mr Oommen Chandy.

He said this while inaugurating the international business meet held here as part of the ongoing Global Ayurveda Festival.

This indigenous stream of medicine is sought to be propelled to greater heights not only for expected benefits for health but also as a revenue earner and a job creator.

The State Government has identified seven specific areas for a well-rounded development of Ayurveda, the Chief Minister said.

According to him, the dwindling stock and availability of medicinal plants has been one of the critical issues that the sector has been facing.


The Chief Minister recalled that his Government had in the earlier term enacted a law to promote the cultivation of herbal plants. This law will come into force as soon as possible.

He was also of the view that the growth prospects for the sector are such that they can have a spin-off impact on the State’s economy as well as for job generation.

The State Government was seriously exploring the option of providing tax relief for Ayurveda medicines.

The State can contribute much to supply authentic and quality products as well as provide classic, curative and promotional services such as wellness centres and Ayurveda spas.


He assured continued support to the traditional healthcare system and said that the State Government would find ways and means to support its organic growth and contemporary applications.

The State Government, which is hosting the Global Ayurveda Festival, is proud of its collaboration with Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (Cissa) and the stakeholders from the sector.

In her presidential address, Ms Mridula Jain, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Commerce, emphasised the point that traditional medicine, especially Ayurveda, faced lots of problems in growth and needed a helping hand. This help has to come from both the Central and the State Governments.

Mr E.M. Najeeb, Executive Director, KIMS Hospital, said that the combination of Ayurveda and tourism was gaining a firm foothold on the international forum. Ayurveda is the USP for Kerala Tourism and could play the part of a money spinner for State’s economy, he added.


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