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Youth getting more inclined towards yoga

VARANASI (TOI) : Whether it is examination stress, rising competition, relation issues, physical fitness or spiritual bliss, a huge participation of students in the yoga camp at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is projecting the increasing popularity of yoga among youngsters.

“I have experienced a spiritual upliftment along with a rise in self esteem and confidence by practising the Pranayama,” shared Akansha Singh, a student of faculty of arts. Richa Srivastava, another student of statistics department, shared: “After 7-8 hours studies, doing some meditation is very relaxing and rejuvenating and at the same time gives peace of mind.”

The month-long yoga camp organised by the Student’s Council, BHU from January 28 to February 28 is being organised at 65 students hostels, including 45 boys hostels and 20 girl hostels of the university. According to Anoop Kumar Singh, student council members and spokeperson of the camp, trainers for the camp have been selected by Malviya Yoga Sadhna Centre, BHU.

“It was difficult to impart training to all students simultaneously, so wea re carrying out the entire camp in eight phases by conducting four day batches to cover each hostels. At present the camp is in its third phase and over 1000 students from 17 hostels are benifitting from it,” informed Anoop.

“Lifestyle now-a-days has become very tedious and stressful. It is therefore necessary for students to understand the basics and few ‘aasans’ for the initial days at the camp and perform it for at least three to four days in a week.

“While students are gushing over the good effects of Surya Namaskar, they are also emphasising on practising Pranayam that includes aasans like Naadi Shodan, Sheetali, Kapalbharati, Brahmari, which help to keep away excess fat, respiratory diseases and mental fatigue,” said Deepkshika Singh, another member of student council and representative from the faculty of ayurveda.

According to Anoop, some students have also shown interest for permanent yoga classes on their hostel premises. However, the matter is yet to be taken up. According to Dr Punam Rani Shukla, senior clinical psychologist at the department of Kaya Chikitsa, faculty of ayurveda, BHU, there are a number of conflicts and issues that go parallel with the routine affairs of the young students, especially hostellers and those who are staying away from their families.

For them, to have a life devoid of depression, stress, mental and physical fatigue, regular practice of yoga and meditation is the best way to keep mind, body and soul in a balanced form.

It is worth mentioning here that apart from this unique camp, the increasing popularity of the ancient practice of meditation has given rise to over 200 yoga centres in the city. According to Jagdish Banerjee, a yoga teacher at Kedar Ghat, enrollments have increased by 30% in the past five years. “Most of these centres are running on Guru Shishya tradition of ancient times and charge a fee according to the wish of the learners,” added Jagdish. Apart from that a number of colleges and universities carry out their own certificates and diploma courses in yoga that includes certificate and dilpoma programmes at Malviya Yoga Sadhna Centre, BHU.


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