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Ayush Dept proposes creation of national commission for human resources to streamline ISM education sector

With a view to streamlining the education sector in the Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM), the Department of Ayush has proposed creation of an overarching regulatory framework by setting up the National Commission for Human Resources in Ayush.

The commission is being conceived as an institutional framework to address issues related to regulation, shortage, quality assurance and inequitable availability of Ayush professionals and workforce. The commission will undertake workforce study, formulate action plans and ensure inter-sectoral coordination to promote availability of quality human resources in Ayush including that of yoga & naturopathy, which are so far not regulated /accredited in the country, sources said.

The commission has been designed on the lines of the National Commission for Human Resources for Health (NCHRH), being set up to regulate the medical education. The NCHRH would subsume the existing councils like Medical Council of India, Dental Council of India, Nursing Council of India and Pharmacy Council of India.

The Department of Ayush is expecting a cost of Rs.125 crore towards the creation of this commission and has sent the proposal to the Planning Commission for consideration and allocation of outlay, sources said.

Similarly, the proposed exclusive commission for Ayush sector also will deal with issues related to Ayush paramedical education, HR development and regulation. It will provide autonomous bodies such as National Councils of professionals of each of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Sowa-Rigpa, Homoeopathy, Yoga & Naturopathy and National Board for Education, Training and Examinations and Natural Evaluation & Assessment Committee for Indian Systems of Medicine, Homoeopathy, and Yoga & Naturopathy, Nursing in Indian Systems of Medicine/Homoeopathy and courses in pharmacy.

“Their head offices would be in Delhi with full time chairpersons and members and part time & nominated members. Appropriate infrastructure and manpower would be required to run the secretariats. This arrangement will help steering educational reforms in Ayush,’’ according to the concept note.


One thought on “Ayush Dept proposes creation of national commission for human resources to streamline ISM education sector

  1. India being a country with the worlds largest resources in Traditional, Altenative & Complementary medicines and 38% of its population being catered to by AYUSH streams would be making a colossal mistake by not including AYUSH under the NCHRH which will evidently be the ‘superbill’ on healthcare in future. Another AYUSH HR bill would only dilute and mean a second standard and it is heartbreaking that the AYUSH dept under the Govt has grossly deficient insight and a poor vision on the most essential future healthcare platforms of Integrative medicine & Inter-disciplinary research which is too crucial and it would require both HR to function under same umbrella. A separate bill proposal also brings in the feeling that the Govt authorities in AYUSH dept look at larger independent operations and it appears that the senior experts on AYUSH dept. are too keen at acquiring key posts as a sequel to a separate independent commission jeopardizing the larger healthcare scenario where a proposed AYUSH commission would prove entirely secondary and inturn substandard. It would also be a gross compromise on the WHO mandate of mainstreaming Alternative & Complementary medicines. Its ironic that the impact of exclusion movement is a separation of 500 centers of higher education under AYUSH from the 4500 as included in bill. Is this separate commission worth the desire of the modern/conventional medicine and the AYUSH dept.? The present State Health Sciences Universities in many states are clear examples of very effective symbiosis and emerging common standards. Healthcare delivery cannot be dissected as modern and rest as far the receiving end expects similar standards in the same. Moreover streams like paramedical sciences has technically the same access to AYUSH streams related to diagnostics and non-therapeutic therapies as much as conventional medicines and the diversity wouldagain confuse public further and trigger inter-disciplinary ownership chaos on these sciences which are derived from pure science strea

    Posted by Dr Sreevals G Menon National Secretary IHMA | February 3, 2012, 11:08 pm

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