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Unani hospital sans medicines

Hyderabad (TH): Government Nizamia General Hospital allocated shoe-string budget

If you want to get medicines for such common ailments like dysentery, cough and pain forget. They are simply not available or in short supply. In last two months, Habeebuddin has made two trips to this hospital at Charminar all the way from Nalgonda in vain. A hospital sans drugs. That’s Government Nizamia General Hospital for you.

‘Out of stock’

They sure are effective and inexpensive but most Unani drugs are ‘out of stock’ at this hoary hospital. Take for instance ‘Habbe Pachish’, a medicine for diarrhoea, or ‘Habbe Jun’ for neurological disorders. They are not available. Same is the case with ‘Majoone Asabi’, ‘Habbe Jograjgogul’ (for paralysis).

This 74-year-old Unani hospital, a popular place for traditional cures, is in acute shortage of medicines.

Reason, the shoe-string budget allocated for medicine. The hospital gets medicines just worth Rs. 50,000 per month when it requires at least Rs. 2 lakh medicines. Naturally many a patient has to go disappointed or purchase the medicines elsewhere.

The outpatient turn out here ranges between 800 to 1,200 per day. On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the figure crosses the 2000 mark. Not just from the city, patients come from the neighbouring Telangana districts as the Unani drugs ensure sure-fire cure for many ailments without the risk of side effects.

“We need a separate budget for the hospital”, says Dr. Mohd Rafi Ahmed, hospital superintendent.

The Unani hospital gets its medical supplies from the Indian Medicine Pharmacy, Katedan, where medicines are made from natural herbs. There are 196 Unani dispensaries in the State, including 16 in Hyderabad.

The city dispensaries are supplied medicines worth Rs. 15,000 each per month while those in the districts get mere Rs. 10,000 medicines.

“The money thus saved is diverted to the Nizamia Unani hospital. Government talks of promoting Unani system of medicine but the medicines supplied are hardly sufficient, deplores Hyder Yamani, Medical Officer.

There is effective cure for liver disorders and heart ailments in Unani system. But there is hardly any supply of ‘Dabidul Ward’ and ‘Khameere Marwarid’. A large number of patients come with skin ailments but the hospital doesn’t have ‘Majoone Choubchini’, a powerful halwa.

“Even if these drugs are provided, they are given in small quantities which lasts for just a few days,” says Dr. Asad Husain Absar, RMO.

However, there is not much of a problem for inpatients at the Nizamia hospital. The hospital pharmacy prepares the drugs itself from the raw material supplied.


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