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Intl buyer seller & regulatory meets for herbals & ayurvedic products to be held in Bengaluru from March 15-17

Bengaluru (PB): The Pharmaceutical Exports Promotion Council of India (Pharmexcil) is planning to organize an international buyer seller meet for herbal and ayurvedic products in Bengaluru from 15 to 17 March, 2012. As it is India is known for its unique traditional medicines, in the recent times the global community too is fast catching up with Ayurveda, herbal products, nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

In the recent past, especially the populations in Europe and America have started looking at alternative medicines as against the usual allopathic medicines which they preferred earlier. The main reason for this shift in the western population can be attributed mainly to the growing consciousness among the public about the increasing side effects of the allopathic drugs.  Moreover the herbal and ayurvedic products have gained popularity due to their holistic approach of total health care and potential for taking care of the global health needs.

Today India is exporting Herbal and Ayush products worth $290 million (Rs. 1340 crore) with 2.8 per cent share of total pharma exports to various regions and among them top five export destinations are LAC, CIS, EU, SAARC, Middle East and ASEAN countries. India is the second largest country in the export of medicinal plants to the world next to China.

“We are enthused with the success of earlier International buyer seller meets organized at International Arogya and 4th World Ayurveda Congress. Now we are supporting the Ayush sector in 2012 by partnering with “7th Nutra India Summit” organised by CSIR and MMACTIV. The event will be organized from 15-17 March at Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bangalore” said Dr P V Appaji, executive director, Pharmexcil.

As part of the event Pharmexcil is also planning to organize a technical session with regulatory officials to discuss strengths of Indian medicine system, various aspects of export regulations and other trade related issues with different countries. About 50 to 60 potential importers/ traders/ food & drug regulators/associations/consultants etc are expected to participate from top 20 export destinations across the globe.


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