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Hungary seeks Jaipur’s help for Ayurveda cure

Jaipur (DNA):

Jaipur: Confronted with rising cases of incurable muscular dystrophy among children and growing elderly population, Hungary is now looking towards Jaipur for properly managing this health problem.

A five-member delegation from Hungary was at National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA-Jaipur) on Monday to explore possibility of collaboration in elderly care, besides care of neuro-musculo-degenerative diseases like muscular dystrophy as well as care of autistic children.

The delegation headed by Dr Ivan Szalkai, manager of South-Borsod Health and Social Cluster, a consortium of top hospitals and medical institutes of Hungarian capital Budapest along with Dr Edit Hajdu, president of Labour Court in Supreme Court of Hungary and Gabriella Csillik, a social politician held discussions with NIA-Jaipur team led by its director professor Ajay Sharma.

“Around 20-25 per cent population owing to increasing life expectancy represents the elderly lot, while 20 per cent children are afflicted with the incurable genetic disorder of muscular dystrophy, autism or other neuro-muscular degenerative diseases,” Sharma said.

The Hungarian team is keen at collaborating with NIA to tap Ayurveda for dealing with geriatric problems, besides the same Indian system of medicine for managing and improving the life of muscular dystrophy patients, the NIA director added.

While the Hungarian team is keen at striking a tie-up with NIA not only for managing geriatric and neuro-muscular degenerative problems, but also starting a year long course in Ayurveda in the European nation, the modality of the tie-up (country-to-country or institution-to-institution will be decided by the department of Ayush, Union ministry of health and family welfare).

Dr Abhimanyu Kumar, the head of Bal Roga (Paediatrics Department at NIA), said that Ayurveda has shown to improve the quality of life of otherwise bed-ridden muscular dystrophy patients, which is why the Hungarian experts representing their hospitals are keen at replicating the Ayurvedic model of India in their country.


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