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Yoga prodigy looks to win international accolades

Coimbatore (DC): Her flexibility saw her win gold in the 3rd national yoga competition that was held in November last year.

Sudharsanaa N., a Class VII student of G. Ramaswamy school in Kovai, has participated in several yoga competitions across the state and is now vying for international accolades.

Having trained under acclaimed yoga guru Shanmuga Sundaram, Sudharsanaa also won the gold in a yoga competition that was recently held at Thiyagi N.M. memorial school.

“I love yoga and taking part in competitions is challenging, but is also a lot of fun. I performed various asanas that drew compliments from onlookers and judges,” she says.

“There were participants from different parts of the country taking part. But thanks to the training that I received, I was only encouraged to take part in similar competitions.”

Her yoga instructor Shanmuga Sundaram, who conducts classes at SivaSakthi Yoga centre, shares, “She is very attentive and that’s what really makes this little girl standout.

She really takes that extra effort to practice even while at home. When she joined my classes three years ago, she did it only because her parents believed that yoga was good for the body and soul.

But realizing her level of flexibility and how well she had control over her body, I started conducting advanced yoga classes for her, which she took a great liking to.

She is very disciplined when it comes to her training, sadly however her school really does not support her efforts. She was to take part in an international competition in Malaysia last year. But, due to a lack of funds, she could not participate. This year we hope she can take part because I know she can win.”

As for the little girl, it’s still all about fun and games.

“I like going for my classes to practice every evening. I finish my school, go home to meet my mother and then go for my yoga class for one hour,” she says.

“My master makes me warm up and then we start practicing yoga,” she finishes. Apart from that Sudharsanaa is a bright student at school, never losing track of her work and enjoying other activities too. “I really like running and taking part in 100 meter races. I also like playing volley ball, but it is yoga that I am really fond of,” she smiles.


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