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MUHS to introduce 6-month certificate course in clinical nutrition from Feb

Mumbai (PB): Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik will be introducing a six months certificate course in clinical nutrition from the first week of February 2012 for the professionals working in medical, Ayurveda, Unani, Homoeopathy in the specialties of paediatrics, gynaecology, medicine and oncology, physiotherapists and nursing in the university.

Dr Arun Jamkar, Hon’ble vice chancellor, MUHS said that there are many courses in nutrition which gives basic information about the nutrition. But these courses lack in clinical correlation. He further added, “We are starting such an integrated course in clinical nutrition for the first time which will give holistic approach to nutritional training to all the health professionals which will help to prepare them for future career opportunities in a public health nutrition.”

This course aims to help the clinicians in the early diagnosis and intervention in nutritional disorders, knowledge would be of help in setting up a nutrition counselling cell, as this will be a major stepping stone to enter in the nutrition field of national and international research.

The objectives of the course is to provide a sound understanding of the science of nutrition and diseases, to provide advanced knowledge and skills in management of nutrition related problems, to provide a scientific basis for assessment and management of nutritional problems of vulnerable populations, to build capacities to undertake research projects in the area of nutrition, to enhance knowledge and skills for improving patient care, management and evaluation of community programmes in nutrition.

Dr Jamkar informed that this will be the foundation course in nutrition which will help the candidates to pursue future courses in Masters Public Heath (MPH) in Public Health Nutrition and research programmes designed for the degree of M Phil and PhD, which the Department of Genetics, Immunology Biochemistry and Nutrition is planning to start and they can also be able to enter in the field of research in nutrition.

The clinical nutrition course integrates basic and clinical nutritional principles as well as outlines the diagnosis and evaluation of nutritional disorders. This will require basic knowledge of pathophysiology, biochemical and clinical knowledge relevant to the most common nutritional diseases affecting different health systems. The participants will be given a thorough knowledge of basic nutrition and nutritional diseases which will help them in diagnosing nutritional disorder. They can plan special diet in malnutrition, obesity, cancer and HIV.


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