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Plea to set up traditional medical council

 KOZHIKODE: Parambarya Vaidya Gurukula Padashala (PVGP) has urged the Central Government to take necessary steps to set up a traditional medical council comprising expert traditional medical practitioners to oversee the registration and regulation of the practice of traditional medicine. A memorandum to this effect was submitted by the PVGP affiliated to the Kerala Ayurveda Unani Parambarya Vaidya Federation to M K Raghavan MP during the inauguration of the institution here on Sunday.

In the memorandum, PVGP – an institute aimed to re-establish Gurukula Padashala system – has urged the MP to make necessary intervention in the Union Health Ministry to provide adequate financial and technical support for traditional medical practitioners.

PVGP chairman Noushad Vaidyar also stressed the need for setting up Parambarya Vaidya Councils (traditional medical councils) under the state governments to implement welfare activities for traditional healers.

Inaugurating the Parambarya Vaidya Gurukula Padashala, M K Raghavan MP said that the demand for registration and financial assistance raised by the traditional healers was genuine.

He also asked the members of the PVGP to prepare a detailed document pointing out the need for registration of traditional medical practitioners so as to convince the officials of the

Parliament Health Standing Committee and the Union Health Ministry.

PVGP, which offers one-year course on traditional medicine, also intends to create public awareness on ancient Ayurveda, ensure law protection for traditional healers, standardise traditional medicine, unite the different organisations of traditional healers and avail the practice of traditional medicine for the public.

PVGP convener Subaida said the programme to be held according to the Gurukula systemof education would provide an opportunity for traditional healers to learn all aspects of traditional healing.

Experts will take classes on Ayurveda, Siddha Vaidyam, Unani Vaidyam, Visha Vaidyam, Marma Chikitsa, Asthi Chikitsa, Thodu Marma, Adivasi Vaidyam, Bala Chikitsa, Apasmaram, Sthree Roga Chikitsa, Twak Roga Chikitsa, Arshas, Manjapitha, Manoroga, Medicine Preparation and Herbal Medicine Collection Training.


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