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International Herbal Fair – 2011

Bhopal : Products made of herbs and small forest produce worth Rs. 52 lakh have been sold so far at International Herbal Fair. Meanwhile, experts of Ayurveda and herbal medicine practitioners have also given free treatment consultation to more than 1600 patients at the fair.
The International Herbal Fair being organised at Bittan Market Dussehra Maidan here has become centre of people attention right from the day one. The visitors have mostly liked and bought products made of Amla and honey besides tulsi syrup, aloe vira, bel sherbet etc. Over 300 products of Vindhya Herbal have been put up at the fair. General to complex ailments are treated with the medicines prepared from medicinal herbs found in the state’s forest areas. At several stalls, Nari Vaidh (experts of diagnosis through pulse rate) were also providing free services to the visitors. People also thronged the stalls selling herbal tea and herbal toffees. Consumers also evinced keen interest in bamboo and wood furniture and traditional dishes of various regions. At the stall of Nepal, aromatic oil is also available along with traditional forest-based medicines of that country.
At the fair, 75 patients daily on an average are being given free consultation about treatment of gastro diseases, skin diseases, leukemia, joint pain and several other ailments.
In the meantime, 22 students of 18 colleges of the city took part in an extempore speech contest on the topic ‘forests, environment and bio-diversity’. Thirty children of three schools staged an attractive mini drama. Veena recital by Smt. Padmaja Vishwakarma also drew encomiums. A colourful presentation was made on importance of forests by a troupe led by Ravindra Mathur. Hip up and dance drama were also staged.


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