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‘Yoga and meditation work wonders for me’ – Tanushree Dutta

I do believe in God, but I haven’t given God a particular name. I’m not comfortable with the rigidity that accompanies religion and faith.

Since I was a child I didn’t like conforming to the various rules pertaining to rituals and traditions. I believe in god as a form of universal energy. My method of praying does not meet the conventional standards as I don’t recite any specific prayers but rather indulge in conversations with God. I do pray to ask favours but at the same time, I also give thanks for all the blessings that I have received. However, I don’t get angry if my prayers aren’t answered as I believe that everybody’s prayers are not answered all the time. As a kid, I would ask a lot of questions regarding God and religion, and I would read up looking for answers on the same. But in the past six to seven years, my leaning towards spirituality has become profound. I have read almost every book on spirituality that I could get my hand on but I ended up getting confused as to which is the right step to the path of spirituality. All that changed around three years back when I read The Mystic Eye by Sadhguru. I was so taken in by the book that I lent it to friend and it changed her perspective on things too. She was on a quest to seek Sadhguru and updated me about the various programmes conducted by him.

In my profession, I have interacted with different kinds of people. There were some twisted, messed-up people whose negative energy affected me a lot. I was keen on trying out the various yoga and mediation programmes to gain clarity of thought. And doing so helped me achieve my goal. I have done various yoga and meditation courses and Kriya yoga as well. This has enabled me to get rid of my frequent headaches, feel more energetic, sleep better and also an enhanced perception of smell, taste and intuition. Now, I stay clear of gloomy people and focus on those who bring in a positive influence in my life. I meditate daily for 20 minutes and it works wonders for. I would advise other people to give yoga and meditation a shot, to feel a positive difference in their stressful lives.


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