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Siddha Herbal drink at your door step

ENS, CHENNAI: Good and healthy living is now just a phone call away for residents in Saligramam. Seeking to revive the idea of using Siddha medicine as a preventive measure to health problems, the Tamil Nila Health Centre today launched a door delivery service of herbal (drink) water. The water is believed to help improve immunity and general health.

Dr K Veerababu, Siddha consultant said, “Siddha medicine has suffered a lot of bad press and misconception. People now perceive it as a cure for male infertility and nothing more. This initiative is an effort to bring back Siddha into vogue as a mainstream preventive and curative medicine.”

This herbal drink for general health is made from arugam pul, vilva and other kayakalp herbs, which are suitable for the well being of people of all ages. The water increases immunity and purifies blood, amongst other things. This is something that our ancestors consumed on a daily basis, which made them healthy, observed Dr Veerababu.

The herbal drink can be taken after consulation with Dr Veerababu at the Tamil Nila Natural Health Centre, Arunachalam Road, Saligramam. He said, “ For people with various health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, cholestrol, obesity, arthritis, or any other condition, I customise the herbal drink accordingly, after consultation.”


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