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Yuvraj turns to Yoga to regain fitness

Mumbai, Dec 12: India’s stylish left hander Yuvraj Singh, who has undergone treatment for lung tumor, turns to Yoga for complete recovery.

He was diagnosed with a golf size ball like lump on his left lung which affected his breathing which also affected him badly as he underwent a lot of pain during the course of the diagnosis, until the treatment.

In order to be fit and become available for the ODI series against Australia, Yuvraj Singh is concentrating on Yoga and believes that it might help him recover soon. He also admits that, this has been the worst year regarding health issues as he has suffered a lot throughout the year.

“My body has been through hell and back. When 2010 ended, I thought my worries were over. But this has been the worst year regarding health issues,” Yuvraj said.

He managed to keep himself afloat amidst these health issues throughout the world cup and ensured that it doesn’t affect his performance, and the result was a man of the tournament award for his consistent effort during the World cup. After the tournament the diagnosis process and the treatment kept him busy while he witnessed immense pressure during this period.

It affected him physically as well as mentally as he had to keep himself strong and support him mother and family members as their dreams were shattered and they remained silent after the news of his tumor hit the streets. With the recent developments, Yuvraj is very strong and his words depict confidence and courage which makes one feel happy as the stylish left-hander will be seen in action in the near future.

Now, in order to get back to his usual best, he has started doing Yoga to keep the fitness level high.

“I’ve been doing lots of yoga to get my breath back. It’s been really tough to rejuvenate mentally and physically. But I’ve got out of it, and the challenge is to come back 100% fitter. The next five-six years will be the best in my career, and I’m looking forward to that,” he was quoted by the Hindustan Times.

Yuvraj, seems to have matured with age, all -rounder celebrating his birthday on Monday, takes things with ease, as he has witnessed the most difficult phase of his life and says he got to know a lot about himself and how much he is cared by his family members.

“Living on the edge was tough. I now understand that when your life is in danger, you become more precious to your friends and family. They were really disturbed, especially my mom, so I had to be extra strong,” Yuvraj said.

Being an ambassador for a luxury watch maker Ulysse Nardin, the sales of the same will go to an NGO Yuvraj Singh Foundation which promotes sports, education and health projects for unprivileged children.

He also says, being an ambassador will fetch you a lot of things in return as he has got a cool six-figure price tag for free. Even though he has been picked as the first ever ambassador for such a luxury watch maker he keeps his feet grounded as he concentrates on getting back to his usual best by keeping his fingers crossed as he wishes to be back for the ODI series against Aussies.

With this he also says, there are 5-6 years of cricket left in him, which will witness an alltime high and he is also looking forward for it. In fact, its the same for all cricket buffs as its a delight to watch the flamboyant batsman at his best, lofting the deliveries out of the park. Here’s wishing Yuvraj Singh a very happy birthday and also a speedy recovery.


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