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Yoga & Naturopathy

Yoga to reform criminals?

PTI: An NGO working towards bringing criminals into the main stream today claimed to have developed a methodology, blending yoga and behavior therapy, which can bring a perceptible change in crime scenario in the society.

“Yogic Crime Theory — a fusion of yoga, criminology and behavior therapy — can modify and change human behavior,” Criminologists Society president Rameshwar Singh Jamwal told reporters.

This theory works on the mind of the criminal and has been successful in changing the composition and character of billions of neurons in human brain and changing his thought process, enfeebling his negative forces and then finally eliminating them from the brain, filling up the neurons with positive thoughts and making him law abiding citizen, he said.

“So far our approach has been to treat all sorts of offences and offenders by one yardstick, like treating all patients with one medicine and putting him on medication after he gets the disease, putting him in isolation wards without categorisation and without going into the cause of the disease,” Jamwal, who is also deputy advocate general, said.

This technique, though complex, is totally unique and have over 90% success rate and is inexpensive, he said.


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