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47 years of yoga is not a stretch

Coolum & North Shore News: Murwillumbah’s Barbara Waters was an early adherent to yoga, embracing the Hindu philosophy of achieving the union of mind and body through yoga movements and meditation.

Nearly half a century later, the 75-year-old Ms Waters awakes every morning, grabs her rubber mat which she lays facing the rising sun and spends the next five or so minutes going through her routine of stretches and contortions.

Her flexibility would put a healthy teenager to shame.

Bending over and touching toes without bending the knees, rising from a low seat by using just the legs, clasping hands behind her back by bringing one hand over the shoulder.

It all comes so easily to Ms Waters.

But it is only “easy” because of all the hard work she has given to yoga since 1964.

“Just doing those few minutes of exercise every morning for 47 years has enabled me to remain supple,” Ms Waters said.

“I am a firm believer in a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and yoga has played a major role in that regard.

“Yoga gives me an inner strength and that been a tremendous support to me during several crises which have arisen throughout my adult life.”

Ms Waters has so much vitality and energy she is still heavily involved in a number of community projects including the Uki Garden Club, Community Transport and the Wrap With Love organisation for which she is the local organiser.

Wrap With Love has volunteers knitting, crocheting or quilting rugs all around the country.

These 1.2m x 2m rugs are then distributed world-wide to the needy.


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