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Month-long yoga foundation course concludes

Sunday, 04 December 2011 23:42 PNS | Bhubaneswar

The Swami Vivekananda District Yoga Wellness Centre run by the Academy of Yoga and Oriental Studies (AYOS) organised the valedictory function of the one-month-long Foundation Course in Yoga for Wellness at the Raj Bhavan here on Wednesday.

The meeting was presided over by Special Secretary to the Governor, Surendra Prasad Mishra. Former State Election Commissioner Sanjib Chandra Hota was the chief guest and former IG of Police Kulamani Deo the guest of honour. Comptroller to the Governor, Soumya Narayan Panigrahi welcomed the guests.

AYOS Director Dr Indulata Das said it was the second one-month foundation course which ran consecutively at the community centre of the Raj Bhavan. Incidentally, all the participants were women, who showed overwhelming enthusiasm for the programme.

Deo said, “Health is wealth, and it is desirable that we enjoy a long and healthy life.” Commending the work of the AYOS, he said the academy is doing a great job by spreading the science of yoga.

Chief guest Hota distributed certificates to the participants. He said there are multinational companies who do not want that a free and effective treatment like yoga should be spread in the world because that would affect their business. In spite of their ill intentions, yoga has taken a place in the hearts of crores of men in the world.

President of the session Mishra said there is a lot of change in the atmosphere after the yoga programme started at the Raj Bhavan premises. Research Officer, Directorate of Indian System of Medicines and Homeopathy, Narendra Prasad Hota thanked the guests, the participants and the organisers.


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