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Planning Commission to increase allocation for Ayush for 12th Five Year Plan

NEW DELHI: The Planning Commission’s Working Group on Ayush has recommended to increase financial allocation for the Department of Ayush by 12 times for the 12th Five Year Plan. The total allocation is recommended at Rs 47535.55 crore including Rs 10 thousand crore from National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Flexipool from existing Rs 3988 crore.

Under the 11th Five Year Plan, the government is running eleven Central Sector Schemes and three Centrally Sponsored Schemes with the respective allocations of Rs 2053 crore and Rs 1935 crore. According to the working group, Central and Centrally Sponsored Schemes are recommended to increase by 7 times and 17 times respectively.

Under the Central Sector Schemes, there are six schemes that will strengthen the Department of Ayush, statutory institutions, Pharmacopoeial Laboratories, hospitals and dispensaries, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) and Ayush & Public Health function.

Earlier, the Public Account Committee reported that the Ayush Department received only 2 per cent of total Central health plan allocation, while policy makers recommended to raise its share up to 10 per cent with 5 per cent of annual growth in the way back 2006-07. The Working Group has found that inadequate allocation of fund has hampered the activities of Ayush.

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