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Maharashtra State keen to regulate yoga, weight-loss clinics

Maharashtra State wants to move a resolution to adopt Centre’s Clinical Establishment Act aimed at regulating and registering all types of clinics in state, but efforts on to stall it

If the state government’s efforts to adopt the Clinical Establishments Act are successful, even yoga centres and weight-loss clinics will be brought under the control of a local authority headed by the district collector and will need to register themselves with it. A resolution for the same is likely to be moved during the winter session of the state legislature scheduled to begin on December 12 in Nagpur.

Under one roof: If the Clinical Establishments Act is implemented, it
will cover all schools of medicine including allopathy, Unani, Ayurveda,
homeopathy, Siddha, naturopathy and yoga. Representaion Pic

However, sources said that efforts to block the implementation of the Act, which will regulate all types of clinics across the state, are also underway. “We are working on the modalities to implement the central legislation passed by Parliament last year,” Public Health Minister Suresh Shetty told this newspaper.

The act covers all schools of medicine including allopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Siddha, naturopathy and yoga. As such, it augurs wide-ranging changes in the health segment in its entirety. If implemented, the act will replace State’s Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act, 2005.

While sources said that clinics and health centres, which do not require to be registered currently, are trying their best to stall its implementation, Shetty said his department was keen to enforce the Act as it was patient-friendly and promised to introduce major reforms in the health sector.

“Efforts are on to delay the implementation of the act in the state. Currently, only nursing and maternity homes are liable to be registered with the local municipal body, which is vested with the powers of regulation,” informed a source.

Highlights of the Act
Major features of the Clinical Establishments Act:
>> All types of medical systems will be regulated
>> Standard norms will be applicable as prescribed by the central government for any clinical centre
>> Fine for an offence, at present Rs 1,000, will vary between Rs 10,000 to Rs 5 lakh
>> All registered hospitals or clinics will not be able to reject a patient during emergencies. If any patient is referred or brought to them, they will have to stabilise the patient before referring for special treatment to any other hospital.
>> The district and state authorities will work under a national council and within parameters set by the Centre


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