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CTMR declares uniform treatment protocol to manage type-2 diabetes

A uniform treatment protocol backed by 59 practising Siddha physicians and NGOs across Tamil Nadu was put forward by the Chennai-based Centre for Traditional Medicines and Research (CTMR) for managing type-2 diabetes.

The protocol was declared in a seminar of Siddha doctors on the world diabetes day in Chennai by CTMR. According to the organisation, the protocol is to be accepted and followed by all Siddha practitioners in India in order to develop a common code of function for diabetes treatment, and rules to regulate it.

Due to lack of an established pattern for applying Siddha treatment methods on patients at different places, the stakeholders are losing so many advantages and the system is ignored on several occasions, opined doctors assembled in the seminar.

The secretary of CTMR, Dr T Thirunarayanan while releasing the protocol norms said because of a common protocol the system is ignored even by Life Insurance Corporation of India for medical insurance purpose. It is well documented and has a proven track record, but lacks recognition like that of the foreign healing system. The new protocol will help bring new vistas of recognition for the ancient Indian system, he said.

“The general opinion among Siddha physicians was that the management of disease would vary from patient to patient based on their ‘prakruti’ (physical nature). With the anti-diabetic property of many herbal drugs, it has been established that the choice of drug could also vary and uniform treatment method pose a challenge. This uniform protocol is a way out for all concerns,” said Dr Thirunarayanan while declaring the protocol.

He said Siddha medicine is not merely drug based, but has a comprehensive approach to the management of disease, which covers daily and seasonal regimen, cleansing therapy, diet, exercise, drug, yoga, pranayaama and meditation, and these methods have been included into the treatment model.

The research institute has carried out consultative meetings to evolve the uniform treatment protocol involving Siddha physicians working in primary health centres, district and taluka government hospitals, teaching institutes and private practitioners. Based on literary evidence from classical texts, scientific research journals, clinical experiences of various doctors in treating diabetes and its complications such as neuritis, retinopathy, renal impairment and diabetes ulcers, the final concept of treatment protocol was evolved, Dr Thirunarayanan said.


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