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ANSWERED ON 25.11.2011

(a) the details of the schemes being implemented by the Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) in the country;

(b) the activities undertaken and assistance provided under these schemes during each of the last three years and the current year so far, State/UT-wise;

(c) whether the Government proposes to conduct a comprehensive study to evaluate and assess the achievements made under the above schemes;

(d) if so, the details thereof;

(e) whether unavailability and shortage of medicines in AYUSH hospitals and dispensaries have come to the notice of the Government; and

(f) if so, the details alongwith the corrective measures taken/proposed to be taken by the Government in this regard?

THE MINISTER OF STATE FOR HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE(SHRI S. GANDHISELVAN)(a): The Department of AYUSH is implementing three Centrally Sponsored Schemes with five components and eight Central Sector Schemes with thirty seven components. The name of the schemes and their components are given at Annexure-I.

(b): The main activities of the Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored schemes are given at Annexure-II.

Grants-in-aid are released to State / Union Territories (UTs) Government only under the Centrally Sponsored Schemes. The details of grants-in-aid released under three Centrally Sponsored Schemes in respect of five components during this period is given at Annexure-III.

In respect of the Central Sector Schemes, grants are not released to State Governments/UTs, but released directly to eligible Government and Non-Governmental organizations, autonomous institutions and Research Councils under Department of AYUSH. The details of grants-in-aid released under eight Central Sector Schemes and their components during this period is given at Annexure-IV.

(c): Yes.

(d): Department of AYUSH has invited Expression of Interest for evaluation of Centrally Sponsored and Central Sector Schemes of Department.

(e) No Sir. The Government has not received any information with reference to the unavailability and shortage of medicines in AYUSH hospitals and dispensaries. However, during visits to the states by the officials from the Department of AYUSH from 8th to 15th November, 2011 it was noticed that the co-located AYUSH units at Primary Health Centres / Community Health Centres in some states have shortage of medicines.

(f) This Department has received proposals from the 21 States during the current financial year inter-alia for purchase of medicines without furnishing the Utilization Certificates for the funds released up to the financial year, 2009-10 which is a pre-requisite for release of funds during the current financial year. These States have been advised to expedite sending the Utilization Certificates in order to release the funds.


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